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LatTrak - traktoru rezerves daļu tirdzniecība, traktoru apkope
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Engine Cummins QSB4.5
Gross Power 90 kW (122 hp)
Net Power 84.3 kW (115 hp)
Maximum Digging Depth 5,470 mm
Bucket Capacity 0.6 m3
Operating Weight 16,000 kg 


Advanced Hydraulic System
Proven negative flow hydraulics, optimize the main control valve, improve the speed of cylinders front end, while cutting down the hydraulic system’s damper loss, leading to much better working efficiency. The pilot valves matching with the main control valve offer precise control.

Equipped with a fuel efficient world- class Cummins QSB4.5 engine meets stage IV/EPA Tier 4 final emission standard. The QSB4.5 series come with a combination of a proven cooled-EGR system . It is also complemented by Cummins patented VGTTM Turbocharger, which continuously varies the airflow boost to precisely match engine and load demand for optimal performance.

6 Working Modes
6 Working modes: Power, Economy, Fine, Lifting, Breaker, Attachment.
The Liugong E series features 6 selectable working modes that optimize performance and fuel consumption to your specific conditions.

IPC System
Advanced IPC (Intelligent Power Control) system,make full use of engine oil consumption characteristics, make the engine-hydraulic pump to the best matching, achieve high efficiency, low and economical fuel consumption homework.

Auto-Idle Speed Function
Automatic speed reduction in lever neutral gear can reduce fuel consumption and noise. Automatic velocity control is divided into two levels: if in 1 s no hydraulic request signal, the engine speed will automatically reduce100 RPM. If after 3 s no hydraulic signal, the engine speed will drop 1,100 RPM. When the system detects the hydraulic signal, the engine will immediately return to the current throttle setting speed value.

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