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LatTrak - traktoru rezerves daļu tirdzniecība, traktoru apkope
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Engine Cummins  QSG 12,Tier 4 final / Stage IV
Gross Power 276 kW (370 hp) @ 2,100 rpm
Operating Weight 30,000 – 31,900 kg 
Bucket Capacity 4.5 – 9.0 m3 




Medium Wheel Loaders


Features and benefits


The new 890H is a highly productive partner on the jobsite. It boasts a redesigned Z-bar and bucket, an advanced load-sensing hydraulic system and a responsive powershift transmission that ensures fast cycle times.



The 890H benefits from the unmatched performance of the 270 kW (370 Hp) Cummins QSG 12 Tier 4 Final engine that not only maximizes torque output delivering more power at lower engine speeds, it also delivers fast throttle response.


The ZF transmission with gears powershift of forward 4 and reverse 3 performs great speed acceleration even on slopes. Optimized gear ratios and auto-shift functionality provide faster acceleration and responsive cycle times, regardless of the application. Conveniently located controls provide full command of loader and transmission functions for optimum work efficiency. Kick-down and forward/reverse buttons are conveniently located on the loader joystick. The kickdown function enables the operator to lower the gear with the tip of a finger, increasing engine torque and delivering increased bucket breakout force and improved loading capability.


Where intelligence meets brute force. The load-sensing hydraulic system directs power to the bucket or steering function according to demand, thus ensuring fast response and excellent efficiency. Smooth and superior control of the machine, boom and the attachment is easily achieved. The operator is in full control as power is efficiently distributed to meet the requirements of the job at hand.
RIDE CONTROL LiuGong’s new generation ride control, coupled with an automated bucket positioning feature, absorbs shocks and improves ride quality over any terrain. The improved ride ensures material is retained in the bucket and helps improve all round operator comfort, confidence and productivity.


The optimized Z-Bar geometry positions the bucket closer to the tires, achieving superior digging force, high bucket breakout force and maximum angle rollback for stable transport of materials with minimal spillage. The option of a hydraulic quick coupler attachment adds to the versatility of this machine, allowing for the use of multiple tools and attachments to suit the job at hand.


The 890H features hydraulic lock differential axles that automatically deliver power to the wheels, creating excellent traction and virtually eliminating slippage even when operating in soft or uneven ground conditions. These axles are designed to ensure all four wheels remain on the ground even in rough terrain. The front axle is rigidly-mounted to the frame to support the entire weight of the wheel loader and the rear axle is designed to allow for ± 11° oscillation, delivering greatly enhanced stability and traction.


The bucket on the newly designed 890H wheel loader has increased capacity and material holding ability. The 890H loads more easily and carries a larger payload, ensuring every cycle is your most productive.


A comfortable operator is a more productive operator. The ergonomically designed controls, increased visibility and many convenience features in the cab of the 890H ensure long comfortable and productive days on the jobsite.

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