LatTrak - traktoru rezerves daļu tirdzniecība, traktoru apkope
LatTrak - traktoru rezerves daļu tirdzniecība, traktoru apkope
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Operating Weight 5,600kg
Net Power 47.8kW @ 2,400rpm
Bucket Range Capacity 0.8m3 - 1.2m3
Emission Stage IIIA
Bucket Breakout Force 46kN




Compact Wheel Loaders


Features and benefits


Built for efficiency

  • Turbo air filter removes over 90% of dust and impurities, reducing  engine wear and fuel consumption extending engine service life and improving engine efficiency.  
  • Radiator fan is directly engine driven and provides strong  efficient cooling. 
  • 38 degree angle of articulation for working in tight spaces. 
  • Low fuel consumption engine that doesn't sacrifice any power.   
  • Very low cycle time of 8.6 second, great for efficient  for smooth strong gear changes. 
  • Meets EU stage IIIA/EPA tier 3 emission requirements.

Easy to maintain

  • Hydraulic system easily checked after removing front cover. 
  • Easy engine access, convenient placement of key parts and fluid refill points.

Operator comfort and safety

  • Adjustable seat, and ergonomically designed placement of instruments. 
  • Comfortable A/C and heated operator environment. 
  • Standard pilot control.   
  • Convenient detachable cab. 
  • Standard ROPS/FOPS Cab
  • UV resistance glass. 
  • Cigarette lighter works as electrical outlet.

Always reliable

  • Power cut-off function prevents damage to drive components. 
  • Double sealed O-rings used in Hydraulic system. 
  • Stress analysis tested to strengthen weak points. 
  • Sub frame and rear axle swingable by 11 degrees .
  • Front frame box structure highly torsion and damage resistant. 
  • Parts, Attachments and Service to count on.   
  • World class suppliers of key components. 
  • Long life high performance multi valve from  Zhejiang Linhai.  
  • Long life highly efficient Shantui transmission and converter. 
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